English speaking students

A Warm welcome to the english speaking students!

All the Chaplains are available to help and serve you during your time in Turin.

The Chaplaincy seeks to be a place of welcome and hospitality for all members of the University community. We will be glad to assist you any way that we can and you will always find a friendly listening ear.

To those who seek it we offer pastoral guidance and spiritual accompaniment through a programme of faith development seminars, discussion, and prayer groups organised each term. The chaplaincy seeks to promote a deeper understanding of Christian faith and spirituality through the Roman Catholic tradition. Students and staff are welcome on any of our retreats, days of reflection, weekends away, and annual day excursion.

Have a browse around the website – unfortunately just in Italian by now. We hope that you find something helpful for you, please take a special look at “fuorisede” label; follow us also on facebook and twitter

Down here you’ll find the list of all the churches were the moments of prayer and not for the ethnic communities are organised.

We look forward to meeting you. And have a good term!

“Dove si trovano le comunità etniche a pregare” (Pdf)